REHBEIN Airport Consulting offers a full range of services for the planning, design, operation, management, development & modernisation of airport terminal facilities.

There is no 'one size fits all' solution for airport terminals. Each airport has its own unique mix of characteristics that dictate a tailored development. Our team has extensive experience in a wide variety of terminal projects, from the smallest regional airports to major international hubs. We work closely with airport operators to plan and develop appropriate facilities in all areas of the terminal and the maximisation of revenues through the appropriate development of commercial offerings within the terminal.

Our services range from high-level, strategic master planning concepts to the detailed analysis of individual processes and operational issues. We pride ourselves on the development of flexible, cost effective conceptual layouts with a clearly defined development pathway taking into account the current infrastructure and the challenges of maintaining an operational facility.

Strategic Planning

  • Demand forecasting
  • Passenger flow analysis
  • Facility sizing
  • Functional layout planning
  • Commercial opportunities

Terminal Design

  • Functional design briefs
  • Planning & operational reviews
  • Civil & structural engineering
  • Design team management

Operations & Management

  • Capacity assessments
  • Queuing and flow analysis
  • Wayfinding and passenger management
  • Operational readiness