Aeromedical Helicopter Landing Sites New South Wales Hospital

for NSW Health Infrastructure

REHBEIN Airport Consulting has provided specialist aviation advice to NSW Health Infrastructure in relation to hospital Helicopter Landing Sites (HLS) at several locations, including Campbelltown, Kempsey, Narrabri, Mona Vale, Moruya, Westmead and the proposed Northern Beaches, Parkes and Bega Valley Hospitals. Our services include:

  • Identifciation of suitable sites for new or relocated HLS;
  • Assessing the impact of proposed hospital developments on HLS operations and safety;
  • Provision of inputs to the design teams for their use in preparing detailed design specications, including the development of noise contours to inform acoustics consultants;
  • Review of design documentation for aviation compliance aspects;
  • Development of HLS Management Plans for use by contractors engaged in construction works; and
  • Inspection of completed HLS for operational suitability on behalf of NSW Health Infrastructure.

In each case, aviation requirements are based on the current NSW Ministry of Health Guidelines for Hospital Helicopter Landing Sites in NSW. These are in turn developed from a combination of international Standards and Recommended Practices established by ICAO, the US FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5390-B and CASA CAAP 92-2(1) Guidelines for the Establishment and Use of Helicopter Landing Sites. REHBEIN Airport Consulting has signicant experience with each of these sets of standards throughout Australia, as well as with the NSW Ministry of Health Guidelines.