Aircraft Noise Assessment BNE & MEL for Proposed RNP Procedures

for Airservices Australia

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was commissioned by Airservices Australia to undertake an aircraft noise assessment for the implementation of Terminal Area Required Navigation Performance (RNP) approach and departure procedures at Brisbane and Melbourne airports.

The project required the development of ANEF, LAEQ24, LAEQ9, LAmax, N60 and N70 noise contours for between 80 – 100 scenarios for each airport, based on different aircraft types and movement forecasts. User defined flight profiles were also developed to reflect the continuous descent flight profiles used for RNP-AR approach procedures. In addition to noise contours, noise levels at identified sensitive locations agreed with Airservices Australia within 55km of each airport were also determined.

Secure online cloud servers were used to maximise modelling speed and reduce model run times by running models for different scenarios in parallel. Outputs were revised as required due to changing inputs as the project progressed and our project team worked hard to ensure regulatory timeframes could be met by Airservices.