Albury Airport RPT Apron & Taxiway Expansion

for Albury City Council

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was commissioned by Albury City Council to prepare detailed design and tender documentation for a staged expansion of the existing RPT Apron and parallel taxiway at Albury Airport.

The extent of design incorporated an extension of the existing RPT apron to accommodate an additional aircraft parking position for up to E190 aircraft, widening and strengthening of existing parallel taxiway segments, provision of a new apron dedicated to aeromedical operations and the staged development of a full-length parallel taxiway with associated airfield lighting.

Geometric design was completed in full accordance with CASA MOS Part 139 requirements based on Q400 turboprop and B737-800 jet critical aircraft types to ensure exibility for possible future operations. Pavement strength assessment of the existing runway, taxiway and apron pavements was also undertaken. A two-stage strengthening regime was identied, to initially accommodate E190 operations with a subsequent cost-effective upgrade to handle B737 loading at a suitable future time. Airside stormwater drainage works including open drains and the extension of a large-diameter multi-pipe culvert outfall was also undertaken.

Full detailed design documentation and engineering cost estimates were prepared for a total of six stages of work, to suit Council’s anticipated budget availability, with documentation for the first three stages being provided to construction tender level.