Albury Airport Runway Lighting System Upgrade

for Albury City Council

REHBEIN Airport Consulting undertook design and prepared documentation for the upgrade of the runway lighting system cabling at Albury Airport. The upgrade involved the provision of new primary cabling, series isolating transformers and secondary connections to existing runway edge lights in a full pit and conduit system meeting the requirements of CASA Manual of Standards Part 139 and AS/NZS 3000:2007 Wiring Rules.

Documentation was provided in a staged fashion to enable aerodrome operations personnel to undertake elements of work in conjunction with scheduled runway closures associated with overlay works in progress at the time of commissioning. Future works were designed to enable the aerodrome operator to undertake trenching works independent of runway operations, facilitating cost-effective delivery of the upgrade as resources permit.

In conjunction with the upgraded runway lighting design, construction proposals for future parallel taxiway works were reviewed and amended to rationalise the overall airfield lighting system to maximise operational outcomes in the most effcient manner.