Australian International Airports Review of Passenger Facilitation Functions

for Australian Customs Service

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was appointed by the Australian Customs Service to carry out a review of Customs’ passenger processing functions at international airports around Australia. The review was required to assess, propose options and make recommendations about Customs’ work practices/business processes, stang arrangements, and technology and performance measures. 

The review gave particular attention to the nature of passenger flows and processes within airport terminals, and the implications for the efficient utilisation of resources. A key task in the review included the development of a computer simulation model of part of the arrival and departure processes at Melbourne Airport.

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was subsequently engaged to assist in the development of a performance model for use by the government’s Passenger Facilitation Taskforce. The model consists of a series of metrics that are robust and which incrementally track a passenger’s movement through Australian international airports, whilst assisting the Taskforce to identify where improvements to the process could most effectively be targeted.

The performance model formed the basis of a survey, conducted by others, to collect data from various steps taken by a passenger to move through all points in the arrival and departure process. REHBEIN Airport Consulting subsequently conducted analysis on the survey data and provided interpretation and recommendations in relation to the development of accountabilities and the establishment of appropriate performance measures and facilitation standards for Australian international airports.