Bathurst Regional Airport Runway 17/35 Rehabilitation

for Bathurst Regional Council

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was commissioned by Bathurst Regional Council to undertake pavement assessment, design and documentation for a rehabilitation of the existing Runway 17/35 pavement to support ongoing Regular Public Transport operations by SAAB-340 aircraft. 

Council determined that it would undertake the works during a full closure of the runway, so the works were designed to enable the minimum possible construction period prior to re-opening whilst maintaining operations on the cross runway as much as possible.

The design included in-situ stabilisation of existing granular pavement material for use as a sub-base and provision of an additional layer of airfield quality fine crushed rock material with a sprayed bituminous surface. A full grading design was prepared meeting CASA Manual of Standards Part 139 requirements for transverse grades on the runway pavement and graded strip whilst maintaining the existing longitudinal profile of the runway.