Bowen Hospital Helicopter Landing Site Upgrade

for Queensland Government Public Works Department

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was commissioned to provide a range of advice in relation to helicopter landing site (HLS) requirements for an upgrade of the existing HLS at Bowen Hospital in north Queensland, through Scheme Design and Construction Documentation stages, including the following:

  • Relevant standards, parameters, licenses, permits and approvals that need to be addressed for the safe design, construction, operations and maintenance of a new helipad in the proposed location;
  • Ambulance, emergency and maintenance access to helipad site with suitable access for vehicle, trolley and pedestrian access;
  • The impact of any up- and down-wash impacts of helicopters landing and taking off on the adjacent hospital, private buildings and cars;
  • Identification of relevant design, construction, operational and maintenance risks;
  • Design markings and lighting to ensure safe helicopter operations by day or night;
  • Review whether the existing helipad can be maintained during the construction of a new helipad or whether an alternative helipad site is required during construction;
  • Consult with key stakeholders and contact all potential Huser groups to ensure that all technical and operational issues or concerns are addressed and or highlighted;
  • Advice on the appropriate security of the HLS and location and size of perimeter fencing; and
  • Advise on the likely need and ability for helipad expansion to ‘future-proof’ the HLS.