Bundaberg Airport General Aviation Taxiways Design

for Bundaberg Regional Council

REHBEIN Airport Consulting prepared design plans for the construction of three taxiways, intended for light aircraft to access existing and proposed lease sites in accordance with the Bundaberg Airport General Aviation Master Plan.

The taxiways are to serve an area which has frequent movements of aircraft less than 1,500kg MTOW. The sealed pavements were designed to meet CASA Manual of Standards Part 139 requirements for Code A aircraft. 

One of the taxiways consisted of the formalisation of an existing access to a landside facility for aircraft manufacturer Jabiru. The alignment was required to pass through an existing security gate and then adjacent to an existing open channel drain in order to maximise the available lease areas. Full compliance with CASA standards for maximum Code A aeroplanes was precluded by the existing gate and the design was based on achieving wingtip-to-object clearances for restricted wingspan operations. The taxiway alignment was optimised to enable compliance for under-power operations by existing aircraft types, and allowing towed operations for helicopters and possible larger aeroplanes in future. 

Subsequent to the receipt of tenders for the construction works by Council we investigated the use of rigid pavement as a more cost-effective solution.