Helicopter Landing Site Options Monash Medical Centre Redevelopment

for Silver Thomas Hanley

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was commissioned by Silver Thomas Hanley to assess five (5) potential location options for the temporary relocation of the existing Helicopter Landing Site (HLS) at the Monash Medical Centre in Clayton, VIC. The existing ground level HLS needs to be relocated temporarily to accommodate the proposed new Monash Children’s Hospital (MCH) building which will include a permanent rooftop HLS. The MCH is scheduled for completion in late 2016. Our scope of services included:

  • Client liaison, site visit and consultation with key stakeholders including helicopter operators, user groups, and Monash Medical Centre representatives as required;
  • Assessment of relocating the HLS to:

              - A nearby AFL oval (Fregon Reserve) as a temporary solution while the new hospital building is being constructed;

              -One of the centre’s cinder block car parks as a temporary or permanent solution; and

              -The top of the proposed Children’s Hospital with direct trauma lift delivery to existing ED as a permanent solution.

  • Identication of primary flight paths for the existing HLS and an HLS at the each of the three (3) relocation options, with consideration to a proposed new multilevel sta car park (3-4 storey, 900 spaces) on the northern part of the site and a new children’s hospital (5 storey, 30,000sqm) to the north of the existing Monash Medical Centre.

REHBEIN Airport Consulting subsequently assisted with the preparation of a heliport operations manual for the selected solution, to relocate the HLS temporarily to the adjacent Fregon Reserve.