Karratha Airport Master Plan and Land Use Plan

for Shire of Roebourne

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was commissioned by the Shire of Roebourne to prepare an Airport Master Plan and Land Use Plan for Karratha Airport.

The initial stage of the study involved an assessment of the preferred long-term location for the airport facilities, from a series of options identified by the Shire. The assessment utilised a multi-criteria analysis of relevant aviation and non-aviation factors to confirm that continued development of the existing airport site represents the most beneficial outcome.

Development of key inputs to the Master Plan involved comprehensive stakeholder consultation with all of the relevant resource companies which will drive the predominantly FIFO-oriented passenger traffic over the next 5-20 years, together with incumbent RPT and charter carriers. Aeronautical activity forecasts were developed from first principles based on a detailed analysis of the proposed project-based resourcing estimates and FIFO regimes. The forecasts were used to identify a staged development plan for key aeronautical infrastructure requirements. Detailed consideration was given to the capacity of the existing terminal and apron complex, and a set of trigger criteria for the possible re-development of these facilities in a new location was established.

The Land Use Plan covers a total of 722 hectares, 220 of which are devoted to possible commercial development on and adjacent to the airport site. Key opportunities and preferred land uses for aviation and non-aviation activities were identied through a visioning process with the Shire, in consideration of the wider land use planning and development proposals for the city of Karratha. The final plan incorporates a comprehensive staged implementation plan with cost estimates and projected cashflows for each element of infrastructure, as well as consequential aircraft noise and other land use impacts.