King Island Airport Terminal Expansion

for Mode Deisgn / King Island Council

REHBEIN Airport Consulting provided specialist airport planning and operational advice to project architect Mode Design for the detailed design of the King Island Airport Terminal Expansion.

Our services included an analysis of existing site constraints and operating context, establishment of forecast operations with reference to trends in aircraft types and sizes, and determination of appropriate design parameters.

We provided detailed background information and expertise with respect the regional airport terminal design considerations. This included an analysis of similarly sized airports, the principal drivers of passenger terminal facility requirements, functional area space requirements, consideration of the inter-relationship between different processes, and the effect of these factors on efficient spatial congurations.

The concepts included an assessment of the ability of the expanded terminal to accommodate security screening of passengers and baggage in the future, the likelihood of this eventually occurring with respect to the established design parameters, and identification of feasible screening point arrangements.

We provided an assessment of specific functional issues and space requirements for the key elements of check-in, baggage make-up, passenger waiting lounge, baggage collection and arrivals to inform sketch design options. We then undertook review of designs during the development phase to ensure the detailed design documentation addressed these requirements in an appropriate way taking into account the particular project constraints including program and budget.

In addition to REHBEIN Airport Consulting’s specialist airport terminal planning expertise, Lambert & Rehbein also provided civil and structural engineering services to the design team.