Latrobe Regional Airport Master Plan 2015

for Latrobe City Council

Latrobe City Council engaged REHBEIN Airport Consulting to develop the Latrobe Regional Airport Master Plan 2015 with the objective of providing a visionary, vibrant and achievable Master Plan to guide the development of the Latrobe Regional Airport until 2035. Integral to this is the requirement for a business strategy which contributes to the sustainable development of the Latrobe Regional Airport and to the creation of employment.

The development concept established in the Master Plan seeks to support the principal objective of revitalising the airport by focussing on providing for opportunities which offer the greatest business and employment potential, whilst maximising the ability for directly aviation-related development through the provision of airside access wherever possible.

The development concept establishes a land use plan which maximise the potential for a wide variety of potential commercial aviation-related business operations at the airport in response to existing and likely future opportunities. The plan sets out a vision for the ultimate development of the airport, and provides principles and guidance about land use and development. The land use plan divides the airport into a series of broad zones, which are further subdivided into smaller precincts providing for specific uses. A degree of flexibility has deliberately been incorporated within these concepts to enable the actual layout of lease lots and infrastructure to be refined in response to specic opportunities as these eventuate.

The Master Plan also includes an airport safeguarding plans in accordance with the National Airports Safeguarding Framework and makes recommendations about the implementation of safeguarding aspects within the planning framework.

The Master Plan has been adopted by the airport board and will be placed on public exhibition following the preparation of updated noise contours.