Merimbula Airport Master Plan

for Bega Valley Shire Council

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was commissioned by Bega Valley Shire Council to identify a strategic framework for development of Merimbula airport which will facilitate and accommodate the use of larger aircraft to stimulate passenger traffic. The airport is located on an extremely constrained site and this signicantly limited the potential for runway development necessary to achieve this primary objective. The study included detailed investigation of several runway development options with consideration to the practical operational benefits that might result, taking into account the surrounding obstacle environment and existing exemptions to current standards in relation to obstacle limitation surfaces.

Consultation with a number of key stakeholders was undertaken, including the current airport management company employed under an agreement with Council, existing tenants, the incumbent airline and potential new entrants. A staged development plan was developed, in collaboration with the consultant developing the associated business plan, to enable the practical implementation of new commercial sites, needed to fund more signicant future development, to occur within the current constraints imposed by the environmental designation of parts of the site and without disruption to existing hangars. Elemental costs for each stage of development were prepared to inform the business plan.

From a commercial perspective the Master Plan also included consideration and commentary on the economic signicance of the airport to the region and an outline car parking revenue model. An aircraft noise assessment was carried out and Australian Noise Exposure Concept contour map produced.

The plan is currently at Final Draft stage pending public comment.