Moree Regional Airport Master Plan Review

for Moree Plains Shire Council

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was engaged to review and update the Master Plan for Moree Regional Airport. The existing Master Plan, prepared in 1999, required a comprehensive reassessment due to aircraft and infrastructure changes on the aerodrome and the recent approval of adjacent development.

The review included an evaluation of various options for future runway development including extension of the existing main Runway 01/19, upgrade of the secondary Runway 05/23 and development of a new runway on a 03/31 alignment. Each option was evaluated in terms of land availability, impacts on aerodrome infrastructure, compliance with regulatory standards, aeronautical operations, the impacts of likely flight paths with respect to aircraft noise, and estimated development costs.

Consideration was also given to the future location of the passenger terminal taking into account expected triggers for expansion and constraints presented by the existing facility and surrounding development proposals.

The final report included details of land use controls and recommendations for Council to incorporate these within the Local Environmental Plan to ensure the continued operational viability of the airport through compatible external land uses.