Mudgee Regional Airport

for Mid-Western Regional Council

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was commissioned by Mid-Western Regional Council to develop a master plan for Mudgee Regional Airport. The Master Plan establishes a framework for the future development of the airport and addresses the existing airport activities as well as opportunities for growth in aviation and aviation-related activities. A key element of the process was the assessment of development potential and identication of opportunities for land recently acquired by Council adjacent to the airport. Through consideration of Council’s specific objectives in commissioning the Master Plan, following three primary development objectives were identified:

  • Provide a clear and coherent plan to facilitate future airport development, which meets the  needs of all current and future airport users in a balanced and equitable fashion;
  • Encourage the expansion of aviation facilities to enhance and improve the economic return from the existing airport asset; and
  • Protect the airport and its operation from incompatible development and activities external to the airport.

These objectives were successfully achieved. A range of potential opportunities for a wide variety of general aviation activity were assessed. Short, medium and long-term proposals were prepared for aeronautical and non-aeronautical development within the airport land. Opportunities for adjacent airport-related development on private land, consistent with the Mid-Western Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 were also an important consideration. The Master Plan sets out airspace restrictions for incorporation into the LEP along with other land use compatibility considerations for Council’s future planning and development decision-makers.