Port Hedland International Airport Redevelopment Program Review

for Town of Port Hedland

The Town of Port Hedland, which owns and operates the Port Hedland International Airport, has made a commitment to transform the airport precinct into a modern and well-serviced facility that provides a welcoming gateway to the North West. This commitment is based on the airport Master  Plan which was finalised in March 2012. 

REHBEIN Airport Consulting undertook a strategic review of the development proposals in the context of the Master Plan. The principal objective of the review was to ensure that existing plans will meet future growth needs and regional requirements to position Port Hedland as a vibrant city of 50,000 people by 2035. The review was structured to cover five themes, which included the passenger terminal, apron and ground transport network along with overall land use and a frieght/logistics subdivision. Specic objectives relating to each theme included the need to validate previous plans, ensure an integrated, holistic approach and provide a sound basis for investment. The review tested the previous concepts and identied appropriate refinements to meet these objectives. The review also established the key steps in the redevelopment sequence required to ensure feasibility in relation to maintaining a live operational environment. 

Ensuring sound concepts for the ultimate development of the terminal and an acheivable initial stage of development formed a central element of the strategy. This involved a detailed analysis of future peak period flight schedule scenarios and the corresponding functional flows and spatial requirements. Adjacencies and relationships between functional elements were established to form the basis of future architectural design. 

Extensive consultation with key internal and external stakeholders through data gathering and design workshops was undertaken during two visits to Port Hedland as well as in Perth and Brisbane. This formed an essential input to the development and renement of the concept layout.