Rockhampton Airport Runway 04/22 Master Planning Study

for Rockhampton Regional Council

Rockhampton Regional Council engaged REHBEIN Airport Consulting to undertake a master planning evaluation to determine the future use of the secondary runway (Runway 04/22) at Rockhampton Airport. The scope of the evaluation included the following:

• An evaluation of the current pavement condition and assessment of the current asset value of the runway;
• An assessment of the impact associated with various options for reduced availability of Runway 04/22;
• An assessment of any safety hazards that may result from the permanent relocation of the Runway 22 threshold in relation to helicopter operations;
• Identication of the implications of reducing the runway strip width from the current 150m;
• A practical assessment of the potential to establish instrument approach procedures to improve the utilisation of Runway 04/22 by airline operators and potential savings for RPT operators from use of Runway 04 as an alternative to Runway 15; and
• Consultation with key runway users.

Based on the feedback received from consultation with airport users, a preferred arrangement was identified and presented for public comment. Minor modifications were subsequently made in response to comments received.

The study has allowed Rockhampton Regional Council to understand the long-term operational need for the secondary runway and identified an arrangement to meet this requirement in the most economical manner.