Toowoomba Airport Master Plan

for Toowoomba Regional Council

The Master Plan for Toowoomba Airport was prepared by REHBEIN Airport Consulting in two stages. The rst stage established the existing situation, issues and opportunities for the airport in order to identify a realistic ultimate development scenario, and determined appropriate scopes of further work to complete the full master planning exercise. A framework for the futuredevelopment of Toowoomba Airport over the next 20 years and beyond was then established.

The Master Plan addresses immediate infrastructure upgrade requirements as well as identifying
future facilities to satisfy projected air trac demand, within the constrained nature of the site. The
plan provides exibility for a wide range of eventual outcomes, including growth of passenger
trac as well as the eventual relocation of passenger operations away from the airport.
The Master Plan incorporates detailed assessment of options for passenger terminal development,
car parking, taxiway development and the potential for additional commercial sites. The outcome
is a long-term strategic framework for the development of the aerodrome infrastructure, tested
and conrmed through comprehensive analysis and extensive engagement with all aerodrome
leaseholders and other users. Formal consultation activities included three group workshops with
aerodrome lessees, individual telephone discussions with over 30 users, email surveys to
stakeholders on specic topics and numerous information sessions with local Councillors.
An essential component of the services was the development of a comprehensive Business Plan.
Detailed nancial modelling of various scenarios was undertaken to understand the potential
commercial and nancial implications of the future development of the airport. This information
will help Toowoomba Regional Council improve the nancial sustainability of the airport’s
operation and management and will guide on-going investment in the facilities.