Toowoomba Airport RPT Airline Services Feasibility Study

for Toowoomba Regional Council

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was commissioned by Toowoomba Regional Council to conduct a feasibility study of options for Regular Public Transport (RPT) air services from Toowoomba Airport. 

The objectives of this study were to enable Council to assess, at a global level, the feasibility of airline services from Toowoomba to various destinations and included:

  • Confirming the level of local & remote demand for airline services between Toowoomba and various destinations;
  • Determining the likely viability of various potential airline services to the most promising destinations with different aircraft types and service frequencies; and
  • Identifying the capital works required to accommodate the various services.

The study involved a telephone survey of local businesses, site visit and stakeholder workshops, a website survey of residents and desktop review of other relevant information to assess the feasibility of establishing RPT services following completion of scheduled airport upgrade and expansion works. Our report identified that a level of demand existed for direct services between Toowoomba and Sydney, despite Toowoomba’s relative proximity to Brisbane Airport. 

We subsequently provided further assistance in identifying potential airline operators and the facilitation of discussions between airline and Council representatives. This process concluding with advice and assistance in the drafting of a Request for Expressions of Interest from airlines.