Virgin Australia Melbourne Jet Base Northern Hangar Upgrade

for Meinhardt / Virgin Australia

REHBEIN Airport Consulting was commissioned by Meinhardt to provide design of airfield pavements for inclusion in design and construct documentation for an upgrade of the existing Virgin Australia Melbourne Jet Base (VA MJB) northern hangar to accommodate A330 aircraft.

Our scope of services included:

  • Review of previous pavement layout information and confirmation of aircraft manoeuvring arrangements and clearances for aircraft entering the northern hangar and transiting to and from the adjacent southern hangar.
  • Re-alignment of existing Taxiway W and connection to Taxiway W3
  • Temporary taxiway pavement and manoeuvring arrangements during construction
  • Pavement thickness design for new and strengthened external exible pavements
  • Pavement thickness design for internal rigid pavements within the hangar to accommodate aircraft jacking of B737-800, E190 and A330-200 aircraft in various bay configurations
  • Airfield lighting and pavement marking concept designs
  • A performance specification for the detailed design development by the appointed design and construct contractor.